In this short article, we will discuss some of the pitfalls surrounding unscrupulous UK SEO company practices and explain how we differ.


Many SEO companies in the UK charge astronomical fees to rank your website, often starting at £500 per month and rising steeply. As this is a starting price, you can frequently expect the suggested keywords to be low traffic volume keywords. With ranking on average taking between four to six months with most UK SEO companies, you could have paid up to £3000 by this point. With such a large outlay having been employed, many businesses, often through sheer desperation, will continue to paying in the hope that the results will arrive. This can lead to situations where businesses have continued for a few years before they accept that it has been a waste of money.

We, on the other hand provide an affordable alternative, with clear traffic volumes, so that an informed decision can be made on the level of impact this traffic may have on your business. Our prices start at just £100.00 per month, which allows you to test a number of keywords and see the response and thus profitability of the keyword for your business.


To ensure maximum profit from each client, it is common for a UK SEO company to create a contract when signing up clients. This contract is usually a minimum of 12 months, however some even offer a free trial periods which after it lapses, if not cancelled, you are signed into a much lengthier contract. One of our recent clients took another SEO company to court and lost over such an incident, the total cost of this to their business was £12,000.

Our SEO company on the other hand, works on a rolling 30 day contract. There are no clauses which tie you into any lengthy contracts and there are no cancellation penalties.


Another common tactic deployed by SEO companies in the UK, is under-estimating the timescale. This frequently involves a client being taken on a monthly payment basis. The client may be offered a reasonable rate, for example £200.00, and given a timescale of three to four months. The problem which arises here is that there is no obligation to rank within a certain period or any obligation to prove work is being done on the site. This creates opportunities for SEO companies to then take 12 months or longer to rank the site, often coming up with excuses along the way and thus a project expected to cost £800 soon costs, £2400 plus. What can be even worse is unscrupulous companies who never intend to rank your site and just keep dragging it out until you have had enough.

We combat this situation by providing a timescale for ranking. If this timescale is not met, we continue work free of charge until the ranking has been achieved.

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Another common underhanded tactic employed by some UK SEO companies is setting no definitive target. This can be the worst situation of all as they are not obliged to do anything. Some merely promise to increase your rankings, thus this can lead to situation where you have increase a few places, signed up to a twelve month contact and thus paid thousands for a few places improvement.

We differ by providing definitive positioning targets, which always include page one guarantees. It is a little known fact, but over 91% of all UK internet users do not pass page one, thus if you are on pages 2,3 or below, most of your targeted traffic will not see your site.


This is potentially the most effective tactic employed by some UK SEO companies. Often this involves ranking your website in a fair time-frame but at sustantial price with the promise of cheap maintenance once ranked. When the maintenance period starts, they will tie you into a minimum of a 12 month or occasionally, 24 months at a discounted rate. This will be followed by a gradual deterioration of your ranking, you may fall from position 5, to 8, to 10 over the course of a number of weeks or months. They will then make contact and explain that the keyword is extremely competitive and ask for more money. At this point you have paid a vast amount upfront and thus you do not want that to go to waste. You therefore agree and they re-rank you over-time. A particular client of ours was promised maintenance of £300 per month and he ended up paying £1000 per month. Worse still the ranking continued to drop and they continued to increase the monthly cost, at this point, they asked for even more and he switched.

Our maintenance, is a clear price, including all relevant costs. We guarantee to maintain your position and both improve your ranking and simultaneously rank for similar keywords. If your ranking does slip, we will re-rank your keyword free of charge and will not take any further maintenance payments for that keyword or keywords, until this is re-ranked.

At SEO Solution UK, we specialize in highly competitive keywords. Thus, we are able to your business to rank for even the most competitive keywords. Further, when it comes to ranking your website, we don’t just promise that we will get you a page one ranking, we guarantee it.

We aim to build long term relationships with all our clients and to this end we offer extremely affordable quotes for all our SEO Solution UK packages.


The information provided above is intended as a guide to enable business owners to avoid the pitfalls which are, ever prevalent in the UK SEO marketplace.

SEO Solution UK is not the only UK SEO company which plays ‘fair’ however, finding one that does at an affordable price, is a rarity.