After a chance meeting in Chang Mai, Matt Diggty SEO Conferences with the Aaron Whyte, founder and CEO of SEO Company based out of Panama and operating in Australia, California and New York, USA and Auckland, New Zealand we got to talking. I realised we had a great opportunity to expand and offer better SEO services to our UK clients if we accepted an offer to sell to mebsites.

Well things have moved on since that chance meeting in late 2018. We are glad announce a wide range of extra services and a much larger and experienced in total.  We are receiving fantastic feedback from old and new clients. While we now technically outsource some of the tasks to our parent mebsites overall the work is managed in Liverpool. We and our clients are finding the work and SEO / PPC results faster than ever before and the communication and agency processes are amazing.

Super glad we made the change and we look forward to better and brighter things for our little SEO agency in Liverpool