1. What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which aimed to improve the ranking of your website within a search engine for a given ‘keyword’.  It usually follows the higher you rank for a keyword, the more traffic will be driven to your website which you can convert into sales and hopefully profit for your business. A website without SEO is like a formula 1 car without an engine, it may look good but it will never win a race.

2.  SEO OR PPC ?

PPC or pay per click are the paid adverts that you see at the top and  down the side of a search engine page. PPC is a very useful tool if you need your website to rank quickly, within a matter of days, for a given search term, e.g. a toy store on the 20thDecember. However for a long term strategy PPC can prove costly because every time a client clicks on your link you have to pay Google anything up to £2.00 or more, depending on the competitive nature of the keyword. SEO on the other hand incurs no cost when you link is clicked. In our opinion SEO is king !

3.  What is black hat and white hat?

White hat is the ‘ethical’ method of optimizing your website. This is the only method employed at Ignite Seo and it involves following accepted standards and working within guidelines provided. The end result means you will have a stronger ranking which will not disappear overnight due to algorithmic changes. Black hat is the complete opposite and is employed by unethical practitioners who aim to rank your website quickly, take payment and move onto another site.

4.  How long will it take for my site to rank on page one?

It depends on a number of factors such as the competitiveness of the keyword, your websites current ranking, the level of SEO employed to date, the quality of SEO employed etc. We will provide you with a guide when we complete your site analysis.

5.  Do you offer keyword maintenance?

Yes, we offer monthly maintenance which will help your website to both maintain and improve your ranking positions. This higher you rank on page 1 the higher proportion of the traffic volume you will receive, the top 5 positions take over 75% of the total traffic volume.

6.  What is your minimum contract length?

We do not have any minimum contract lengths as we are confident that our SEO will help build your business and thus you will want to continue employing our team.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team direct

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